Taras Real Time
The best-in-class provider for fuel station automation & convenience store management. Simplified and advanced processes help reduce operational costs and assure efficient management.

Dynamic Management Solution

Taras Real Time!

Taras Real Time is a reporting software for various convenience stores, outlets, and businesses such as retail, hospitality and gas stations.

By using POS APIs, the software will fetch the POS data from the ePOS systems to create all-inclusive business analytics incorporating data from all the sources, e.g. sales, labour and costs involved, as per your requirements, and display the report in different formats. It also generates reports related to gross profit and purchase on a daily basis.

Taras Realtime is designed to provide a seamless experience for clients and give them a better ROI (return on investment).


Monitor & Control

The fully integrated business management software is web responsive, iOS and Android compatible and monitors all the aspects of sales, void transactions, void tickets, refunds, no sales, and manual ring ups enabling efficient functioning and all on a real-time basis.


Simplified Management

A flexible solution to smoothly manage price books, get automatic day reports, streamline fuel and lottery operations, manage purchasing and reconciliations; overall, saving time and costs of managing and maintaining multiple applications.


Multi-store Operations

Streamline and scale operations with ease while centrally managing prices, promotions of multiple stores and oversee all new items added. Manage the data entirely which is all controlled via security and configuration settings.


Automated Reports

The powerful system with easy-to-use interface enables you to access daily, weekly or any selected time range of reports including item margins and hourly sales with our back-office software. It configures entirely and reports accurately.



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Economic Growth

Taras Real Time’s powerful multi-store dashboard and reports give you the tools to grow your business with confidence.

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Advanced Analytics

Get in-depth reports and analytics to know how your store is performing and the possible improvements.

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Complete Inventory

Eliminate hours of extra work with a streamlined inventory tool and get accurate margins and reports.

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Accurate Accounting

Save time and reduce errors by automatically posting your sales data on a regular basis.


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